The HMONG FITNESS & MOTIVATION (HFM) is a group that was created in 2013 on the social media platform, Facebook. Its goal was to provide a space online, “to motivate, be motivated, teach, and learn about various aspects of health and fitness.”  Part of their mission is to help individuals of all levels to a healthy lifestyle. To bring the community closer together by connecting each other to the resources they need.

Their belief in living a healthy lifestyle and helping others to becoming their best self through health and fitness is what makes this group remarkable.

These collaboration garments between HMONG THREADS X HFM were created to help the group bring their passion of helping others from online to live in-person events. It is to help the group create and host more in-person events, such as their Strongman/Women and Beach Press competitions in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition to the Health and Fitness fair in Fresno, California.

This is a group of all volunteers who are experts in their respected field. From fitness model, to national and international competitions, these individuals have done it. They have the passion and the experiences to educate their online and the each of the communities that they live in.

Find out what they are up to and what they are about:


As part of this collaboration, we created two garments that is simple in design and comfortable in the gym and everyday wear.  The materials are a dual blend of polyester and cotton. It is made from top of the line fabric that stands up to the consistent wear without sacrificing fit or feel.